Member To Member Donation

...all donation are done member to member! There is no central account in which donations are made

Automatic Pairing System

...all pairing to recieve donations are done automatic. No need to wait long before you recieve your own donation

New Login System For All Users

...users should login now with their email address provided during registration instead of username.

Welcome to Nairaclub. Nairaclub is a mutual platform with the sole aim of assisting Nigerians reach their investment aim. We provide a system where for partipants to learn and grow through a dynamic peer to peer system. This platform was designed to help you withstand financial difficulties and provide a source of daily and frequent income. Member to Member donation system The system operates on a member to member donation system. There is no central account in which deposits are made but all transcations are between members to members on the platform.

Our Packages

Starter - N5,000

...donate a starting amount of N5,000 to recieve N10,000

Professional - N20,000

...donate a starting amount of N20,000 to recieve N40,000

Basic - N10,000

...donate a starting amount of N10,000 to recieve N20,000

Our Features

User Switch Button Available

...the switch button is available for all confirmed user whose downline refuses to make donation to them, and good for cyber beggers. This enables a user to switch to a new downline.

Automatic Pairing

....all pairing are done automatic. the quicker you get confirmed, the faster you get paired and recieve your own donation in less thas 48hrs

User Package Switch

.... after recieving from your two downlines on your preferred package, you can recycle your package or switch to a new package of your choice and continue donation.

Members Testimonies

  • "Thank you nairaclub.... guys its real and it pays... #confirmed

  • "The Best Of The Best..... 100% returns is confirmed!!

  • Its real and pays.

    Uzoma Esther -

  • Now i understand the site.... its slow but will last long. is working

    Okafor Ujunwa -

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